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Emily Schramm Represents is an agency with only the most experienced talent: an ‘A Team’ of artists who know all aspects of their field. With my years of experience, I can navigate any job to a successful completion. My reputation is that I am easy to work with and honest. You’ll be relaxed and enjoy the relationship with me as well as my talent. We look forward to working with you!

Bio: Emily Schramm

I have 38 years of experience as an agent living in NYC. I started as a young, self-taught twenty year-old working with my brother, photographer Frank Schramm. Frank had just finished apprenticing right out of high school with photographers Albert Watson and Irving Penn and had the ambition to become a working photographer; I became his studio manager, stylist, producer and most importantly, an agent. We had a blast and were very successful too, traveling throughout Europe and the United States.

Soon I acquired additional talent and started to represent other photographers, stylists, hair and make-up artists, always a small group of talented people with whom I liked working. After having my son Cory, I teamed up with my good friend and former client, Susan O’Gorman, also a mom, and we created O’Gorman-Schramm. We worked together for 14 years with great success. Susan is now working as a producer, and I am excited to be creating an agency like the one I had before when I was just starting out as an agent. I have a small group of talent that I like, and I can give them the attention they deserve while giving our clients the attention they need. I love my job and the people I work with.